Installation of SWAN and the GUI

SWAN (both the version distributed by Delft University of Technology and the DHH version with graphics extension) is a batch program that can be started from a DOS box. Starting the program can be done by typing the command

runswan.bat controlfile
from the directory where the data for the project are. In case of the DHH version it is necessary that the license file is present in the same directory as the file runswan.bat. The file runswan.bat contains the path to the SWAN executable program.

The procedure with respect to the program OPGraph is entirely similar. There is a batch file runopg.bat that should contain the path to the OPGraph executable. The same license file that is needed for SWAN-DHH is also necessary to run OPGraph; so there should also be a copy of the license file in the directory containing runopg.bat.

The Graphical User Interface is intended for beginning users; it is recommended to put the files Swan.exe, Swan_GUI.exe and the license file DigHydr.lic as well as his data in the same directory.
The user's data can be on a different directory. The executables and the license file should be in the same directory. It is useful to put a shortcut to the GUI onto the desktop of the user.

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