Control file to obtain graph of iterative behaviour

The graphs below were obtained by means of the post-processing software OPGraph. There are two input files: F04a.par and F04b.par, resulting from runs F04a and F04b resp. The control file generates two PostScript files: and; only the first one is shown. On each page there are two panels, the upper one (panel 1) shows values of Hsig, the lower panel (panel 2) shows RTm01, the average wave period. See the OPGraph manual for further information.
The control file reads:

project 'Friese Zeegat'  'F04'

! the graphs resulting from this procedure
! give Hs and average period as function of iteration
! file is for Swan run F04a,
! file is for Swan run F04b

option plot post
option  frame=0
transf 'Hsig' lin 0, 3
transf 'RTm01' lin 0, 6
!transf 'iter' lin 0, 30

for '[case]' is 'a' 'b' do
  outfile 'F04[case]'
  page panels=1,2
  text  3., 22.5, 0., 'flood case'

  for '[var]' is 'Hsig' 'RTm01'   &
  coupled '[pan]' is '1' '2'     do
    transf 'I' lin 0, 30
    panel  num [pan]  x 'I' y '[var]'
    axis x  'iter' labels at 0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50
    axis y  '[var]' auto

    for '[loc]' is '1' '2' '3' '4' '5'                    &
    coupled '[station]' is 'NWG' 'OWG' 'PIG' 'ENG' 'RHO'  &
    coupled '[pos]' is '0.1' '0.26' '0.42' '0.58' '0.74' do
      if '[pan]' is '1' then
        legend '[station]' panel [pos], 0.9, 0.8, [loc]
      file 'F04[case].par' 1 swan
      obtain 'ITER' from 1
      obtain '[var]' from 1 dep 'ITER'  for 'LOCATIONS' [loc]
      graph [loc] x 'ITER' tname='I'   &
         y '[var]'

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© 2012: Nico Booij