The company Digital Hydraulics Holland BV was founded in 1987 by prominent Dutch wave researchers employed at Delft University of Technology. It was terminated in 2011, but its products remain available for the wave modelling community. They are now extended and supported by Nico Booij.

The products that were developed by DHH, aimed at providing assistance to the users of SWAN and other wave models to further their modelling capabilities and presentation of results. The following software products:

  • A graphical user interface for Swan, intended mainly for beginning users.
  • A computer-based SWAN course.
  • A SWAN-version with graphics extension.
  • A graphical post-processing software OPGraph which can be used to process results of many simulation programs, but which is particularly useful in relation with SWAN.
  • A large set of tests (numbering over 150) verifying various configuration aspects of SWAN. This test set will be published later.

Extending and improving the Swan Support Package is a considerable effort, so cooperation from academic institutes or other organizations is strongly welcomed. Please send your proposals to Dr. Nico Booij.

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